This page contains news releases of interest to pickleball players in Durham.  The most recent news is at the top of the page.

Message from Durham Parks and Recreation Department, Aug 1, 2023:

Durham Parks and Recreation Department is excited to announce that we have added lines for 4 pickleball courts on tennis courts #4 and #5 at Morreene Road Park.  This is a site where players will be responsible for bringing their own pickleball nets and removing them directly after play.  Nets left unattended may be subject to being removed and discarded. Courts #1 and #3 will be available to reserve and courts #2 and #4 will be for open play only. Play will be based on a first come/first serve basis.  Special thanks go out to the Maintenance Unit for an excellent job with painting the lines.  Enjoy playing everyone!


Morreene Rd. Park

1102 Morreene Rd.

Durham, NC  27705 

Please call DPR at 919-560-4355 ext. 27225 or email if you have any questions.

Message from Durham Parks and Recreation Department, July 28, 2023:

DPR is excited to inform you that the installation of the LED lights on Tennis/Pickleball courts and the painting of the parking lot lines have been completed at Bethesda Park this month.  The Tennis/Pickleball courts are officially open.  We appreciate your patience while this facility was closed.  

Please call DPR at 919-560-4355 ext. 27225 if you have any questions.  

Message from Durham Parks and Recreation Department: (revised July 24, 2023)

As tennis and pickleball courts are popular amenities during the summer months, we want to reach out with a few friendly reminders to ensure we’re all having fun and DPR is providing the best customer service to everyone using the courts at Bethesda Park. 

We appreciate the patience of the community as we continue maintenance of our pickleball and tennis courts. Painting pickleball lines at Morreene Road tennis courts is a high priority. We will keep you updated when a timeline for this project is available. 

The tennis and pickleball communities have been a great asset in helping DPR create the management plan for Bethesda Park courts. We want to make sure the assigned schedule and court management are continuing to positively serve the community. We welcome your feedback at and will follow up in the near future with a formal feedback survey.