Coach Tracey Taylor



USAP Ambassador


Certified Ratings Specialist

Locations: Bethesda Park and other private courts 

Available: Varies

Works With: Beginner through 4.5


Currently medalling at 4.5/5.0 myself, I am a player that became fascinated with breaking down the game to maximize my skills while minimizing my opponents.  I hold clinics at Walltown in Durham for Durham Parks and Recreation teaching fundamentals, and facilitate tournaments, events and fundraisers all over North Carolina as well including the BODYARMOR State Games, Dink for Pink, Bull City Open, and the Nutcracker.

Currently teaching Novice, Beginner & Advanced private instruction, doubles strategy, team prep, and group lessons. Drilling creates muscle memory and that’s certainly at the heart of my lessons along with a few laughs.


“Hit it where they ain’t” and “there are far more to-do’s in pickleball than ta-da’s”.

Sponsorships / Affiliations:

Prolite (25% off with code TeamTraceyT25)

Core Pickleball (15% off with code TraceyTay15)

Ambassador for the Pickleplay App & Pickleball Den Software

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