As of Dec 15, 2023, the candidates have been unanimously approved by the membership!

As of November 8, the following candidates have been identified (for that read coerced) by the nominating committee.

Terms of office begin Jan. 1, 2024.

Vote before December 8 to express your approval/disapproval of this slate!


When are the elections?

As per our bylaws, we hold an annual election of officers.  

Now - Dec 8Voting takes place.

Nov 8: Candidates for office (i.e. those who could not escape the nominating committee) are announced.

Oct 8: Nominating committee (consisting of three current DAPP board members) is formed.

Who can vote?

Members of the durhampickleball@googlegroups.com mailing list.

How do I vote?


The ballot was emailed to all members on November 14.  Voting ends on Friday, Dec. 8 at midnight eastern time.

How do I run for an office?


Fill out the DAPP 2024 Election Nominations form to let us know you're willing to help with DAPP.

As of November 8, nominations are closed.

How do nominate someone else for an office?

Some thing, i.e. fill out the DAPP 2024 Election Nominations form to suggest someone.  We promise not to tell them you did.

As of November 8, nominations are closed.

How can I help with the election?

Thanks again!  

You can volunteer to be on the nominating committee, or to help with the voting.  All are welcome, just email durhampickleball+elections@gmail.com and offer to help!

How about a brief description of the open seats?

Durham Area Pickleball Players (DAPP) has a nine member board, with four officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) and five at-large members. 

The duties of the four officers are just what you'd expect.  

As of 2024, each at-large member will represent a specific constituency and chair an active, working committee.  The roles (or "seats") are:

Main contact between DPR and Board. Works with DPR on future plans for pickleball in the area, communicates DPR info back to DAPP and community.

Responds to incoming emails requesting information about where to play/how to learn/etc. Organizes and coordinates free community activities (for example, new player meetups, informal evening play by rating, up and down the river events, etc).

Represents the interests of instructors (these are folks who coach or lead clinics for payment).  Works with DAPP and DPR to arrange court space, coordinate reservations, etc.

Organizes and oversees fundraising activities, and helps set priorities for spending money.

Leads and coordinates non-free DAPP events such as tournaments.

How long are the terms of office?

* To get this alternating rotation started, all five at-large seats will be up for election in the fall of 2023, which is an odd numbered election year.   Three of the seats will have the normal two year term.. The other two seat's terms will be shortened (just this once) to one year..  In fall 2024 (and in all future even numbered election years), these two seats will be up for election, and have two year terms. 

Where can I get more information?

Email durhampickleball+elections@gmail.com and we'll put you to work. :-)